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This is my first website so if its barren blame my inexperience. Here I will write about somewhat random stuff ussualy stuff i like like video games and art. This site is a seed i have planted and hopefully it will grow into something great.(or something poetic like that).Here is the website that inspired me to make my own.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this site looks bad on your browser, my perfered browser of choice is Librewolf so the site may look different if your using chrome or Firefox or whatever.

Here is my site button if you would like to link to me for whatever reason.


10/16/2023/3:06pm:The first day this website is up!

10/17/23: Added a other sites tab and about me tab.

10/18/23 6:11PM: Added an Art/Comic section to the site.

10/18/23 6:30PM: Added a GuestBook.

10/19/20 3:14: Added an Article section.

10/21/23 5:49: Added a new article.

12/17/21 5:22 Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been busy with school for a while and I'm currently sick, Added new gifs to the pages and new art from my sketchbook to the art section.

12/18/23 4:21pm: Fixed some grammer for the Kyle Hyde article.

12/18/21 6:10PM: Updated the Cool Stuff page.

12/21/23 8:46pm: Updated the Cool Stuff page.

12/22/23 10:16AM: Added a site button and buttons to other cool sites!

12/26/23 6:50PM: Added a site counter.

1/2/24 6:07pm: Happy new year! Starting it off with a new index layout how fun! updated the article pages.

1/2/24 7:48pm: Added music to the Kyle Hyde article.

2/3/24 4:29pm: Updated the homepage, about me, and cool stuff page.

2/11/24 5:55pm: Added a new article, updated the art page, and added two new buttons to the other page.

2/17/24 5:38pm: Added a new article, sorry if its pretty short.

2/22/24 3:15pm: Yesterday was my birthday, yay! I got rid of the music player and hit counter becuase I think they got tackey after a while. Also changed the main layout again, see how good I'm getting with divs?. Also added a Neocities staple, the shrines page with one working shrine and one coming up!

3/15/24 2:38pm: Wow, highschool can be real draining somethimes I don't know if its just me being new to it or what. So finally a new update: Updated the Other stuff page and got rid of the other shrine page, mainly becuase I couldn't really find a good way to write my feelings about the topic, and hopefully during spring break I'll be in the mood to update more becuase I find working on this site really fun.

3/21/24 2:17pm: Well spring break has been pretty fun so far, I've been steadily getting back into the grove of codeing so hopefully they'll be more updates in the mean time. Updated the Cool Stuff page and finally the About Me page and added a little something the the main page if you didn't notice already.

3/29/24 12:03pm: Spring break is over and now its back to business in school, spring break was alright nothing really amazing happened. I'm starting to give the updates more of a personal feel hopefully its not too jaring. Updated the Cool Stuff page, About me page, Guestbook, and added a new page! "Projects".

4/1/24: 3:53pm: Happy April Fools everybody!, I'm sad I couldn't do anything for the occasion,(in reality I actually kinda forgot) hopefully next year I'll muster up my imagination for something funny, I was actually expecting Neocities itself to do something but I was wrong. Updated the About me Page, and added something new to the Projects page.

5/4/24 4:59 PM: Finally after what feels forever I'm finally updating. I've been flodded by test since its nearing the end of the school year. To me, Neocities is like RuneScape, you never quit Neocities, you just take breaks. I hope after this break I'll gain the inspiration to update for frequently. Added a new article.

6/4/24 6:30 PM: So yeah, it summer, now I have time to practice my html and update this site more often. The most suprising thing about running this site is that I actually like coding html, I thought I was going to hate it but no I actually really enjoy it. I don't know if I want to make a career out of my html knoledge but I'm not agaisnt it. I'm really sad 123guestbook is shutting down but I do have a replacement atabook. Added new guestbook, added new page /b/ with two new pages.

6/8/24 4:34PM: I've been coding a ton of small html files to practive my skills on the side I'm probably not gonna upload them on this site but maybe as a giant folder you could download.I updated the top div's text a little bit becuase I just though it looked better like this. I made two GIFs you can download in the div next door and updated the FF7 page.

6/29/24 4:20PM: Nothing really to write here, Summer break has been pretty fun so far mostley just hung out with family and friends. Added a new GIF the the next div over, updated the FF7 page and redesigned the Cool Stuff page and added a few new links.

7/2/24 4:23PM: Nothing much to say here besides that html is pretty fun :-). Updated the GGXXAC+R, shrines and Cool stuff pages.

7/14/24 4:05PM: Damn, FFVII was such a fun ride. hopefully the other FF games are as good as VII. On another note, I've been playing Katawa Shoujo recently and for my I think second visual novel I've been having a pretty good time with it. Updated the FFVII page and Updated the Cool Stuff page.

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